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Operation Rubix

Operation Rubix

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Every day the world marches closer to a cashless future, where cash is eliminated and replaced with digital currency.
The threat posed by blockchain technology is not limited to your pocketbook

John Wittig

Co-Founder and current CEO and CWO

David Brooks

Current CIO and CTO

Former CEO & CInO

Abby Garrett

Co-Founder and current CRO and CVO

Former CEO

Cole Crumrine

Co-Founder and current COO and CDO

Former CEO & CInO

Nick Egorshin

Co-Founder and current CFO and CSO

Former CEO & CRO

What we do

We allow you to buy, sell and trade Quesdadillas, our very own Crypto-Currency!

About the Project

Blockchain technology is of interest to many industries, and we saw fit to embark on an research/delevopment journey straight into the heart. Crypto-currencies are the single greatest use case for blockchain at the moment, and in many ways are the only way to study and research blockchain. We intend to make strides in blockchain tech, not only for ourselves, but for the community.

How we got started

All five co-creators were interns at Renasant Bank at the time of inception. The research began as a project set forth by their CIO, Zack Bishop

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